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Senior All Night Party Ideas and Free Planning Guide, Post Prom Ideas and Free
Planning Guide and Tips, After Prom Planning Tips and Ideas, Project Graduation
Guide and Ideas
for events at High School After Prom and Senior All Night Parties in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana,
Wisconsin, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, and
Surrounding States.
Following are tips and ideas from many years of doing after prom, post proms, senior all night
parties and other youth lock in events:

Project Graduation / After Prom / Post Prom / Senior All Night Party Planning Guide and Tips

Start Planning as early in the school year as possible.   Some parent groups even get together the
summer prior to school beginning.    Several elements of the Project Graduation / After Prom event
need to be addressed, and if you can get enough parents, volunteers, civic groups, and businesses
involved, the entire process can be much more fun and rewarding.

Schedule the Date – and make it known that there is going to be the event (After Prom or

Pick a Location.   The vast majority of After Prom / Project Graduation events take place at the
school (or an affiliated school).  Reasons:  Minimal or no cost for the facility, familiarity, security
measures already in place, and a multitude of others.    Going off site, while giving potential built in
activities, requires additional planning, and costs, for transportation, site rental, security, insurance
– and also can increase the liability of the planning group (because you are moving students, and
removing them from a known facility).

Promote the event: to the students, the community, parents (both for knowledge, and to involve
them as volunteers in the process and at the event).

Reach out to the community for donations – of time, talent, resources (food, gifts for the students,
hotel rooms for overnight performers or entertainment providers, etc)
Research and schedule game rentals and other entertainment as early as possible.   Believe it or
not, many of the dates for After Proms and Project Graduation events are shared with a multitude of
other schools across the country.   Popular games like Mechanical Bulls and Mobile Laser Tag Set
Ups book early due to popularity – and also because few rental companies have them.

Active Inflatable Games add to a festive atmosphere, and provide fun and active activities for the

Depending upon your school and area culture, areas at the event with carnival games, or casino
games are very popular as well.

Make sure to have a variety of food and soft drinks available.    It is important to have food and
drink available throughout the night.   Even if you have to contain food to a single area – it is
important to have water stations available in all areas of the event.

When time do we start the event?   We suggest that it is best to schedule as few hours as possible
between the end of graduation ceremonies and the party’s beginning. And, it is important that the
event last all night as well.   Upon first learning about Project Graduation many people have asked
“Why should it last all night?” Graduation night is a time of high energy and buoyant spirits. If
Project Graduation parties end while the seniors are still “ready to party,” a few might be tempted to
continue the celebration in ways that are not safe, in spite of their pledges to remain alcohol and

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