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We Rent Fun - Nationwide
We provide Dancing Heads green screen rentals and systems for events in Michigan, Ohio,
Indiana, and surrounding states.   The Boogie Head green screen make your own video system is great for parties
and events.
Dancing Heads and Boogie Heads system rentals come with technicians, and are complete and ready
to go.   

What is Boogie Heads?
Boogie Heads is high-tech equipment that takes your head and superimposes it live into a
music video on top of the bodies of professional dancers. You can see yourself live as it
happens and the audience around can watch and laugh. No need to sing, no need to know
the words or even be familiar with the song. No talent needed!

Who Likes Boogie Heads?
Everyone from business people, party guests, kids and teenagers, young adults to seniors
will love Boogie Heads. It doesn't matter if your 5 or 75 everyone will have fun with Boogie

Which Events Could I Book Boogie Heads For?
At conferences, parties, festivals, corporate events, fundraisers, clubs, street fairs,
wedding receptions, birthday parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, church events, promotional events
and more. So many events are craving something new, fun and exciting for their groups.
When they see how exciting, funny and "family friendly" Boogie Heads can be — it will be
ideal for them.

How Does It Work For Guests?
Guests simply look at a song list and pick out a video number. They sit on the stools and we
put on their green "bib". When the music starts, they just bounce their heads as they watch
themselves on the monitor. Some people like to sing or goof off
— but in any case, your big dancing head is very funny!

What Music Videos Do You Have?
Boogie Heads carries the largest song list in the industry. We have more than 100 individual
videos that are drawn from over 40 popular songs.. Of each song, there are many male-
female configurations. Click our Song List to see our selections.

Do All Guests Receive A DVD?
If you book us for your event, everyone at the event will receive a DVD of their performance
to take home. We can record up to 3 DVDs simultaneously that are ready instantly for your
guests. This means your guests won't waste time waiting for the "burning" or "finalizing" of
their DVD. We use DVD+RW disc. You also have the option of having a Master Disc recorded
of every performance.

How Much Space Is Needed To Run It?
We can operate a booth in a 10' x 10' space, but will be more comfortable in a 12' x 15' area.
Boogie Heads uses only one single regular household 110 volt outlet.

How Much Does It Cost?
Every event is different. Boogie Heads is typically priced by the hour. As a guideline we can
usually service 25-30 guests per hour. Call for your custom quote when your planning your
next event.

Available in all areas of Michigan including  

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